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Peña Roja

Peña Roja

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Behind the Blend

Discover the exquisite flavour of Peña Roja, one of our most exciting roasts to date, designed to please coffee drinkers of all kinds. This medium-light roast offers a delightful combination of blackberry, toffee, and a hint of cinnamon, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Sourced from Guatemala, our Pena Roja beans come from a coffee plantation where passionate farmers have nurtured them to perfection. The result is a high-quality fully washed coffee that truly captures the essence of Guatemala.

Whether you prefer a bold espresso or a smooth filter coffee, Pena Roja is a versatile choice. The medium-light roast strikes a perfect balance, allowing the unique flavours to shine through without overwhelming your taste buds.

To make your life easier, we offer a coffee subscription service with a 10% off discount. Never worry about running out of your favourite coffee again. Simply sign up, and we'll deliver freshly roasted Pena Roja coffee beans to your doorstep on a regular basis. It's like having your own personal supply of quality coffee without the hassle. 

Elevate your coffee experience with 92 Degrees' Pena Roja Coffee Beans. Buy our coffee beans today and savour the exceptional flavours that will leave you wanting more. 

We recommend Pena Roja on Espresso or Filter. Find a recipe that suits your brewing method here. 

Born and bred in Liverpool, UK, we ship and deliver all of our coffee beans worldwide. Interested in supplying your business with awesome coffee? Get in touch to learn more about wholesale coffee beans. 

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Toffee, Cinnamon

Roast: Medium-Light

Grown In: Guatemala

Awesome For: Espresso & Filter

Project Waterfall

703 million people around the world today don’t have access to clean water. The majority live in isolated, rural areas – the same areas growing our coffee.

Through our partnership with Project Waterfall, 10% of our retail coffee bag sales go to supporting coffee-growing communities around the world, which provides clean water, sanitation and education to those at the start of the
supply chain.

We solidified our partnership with the charity in 2019 and since then have donated over £25,000, equating to over 1,000 people receiving clean water and sanitation for life.

Our Roastery

At 92 Degrees, the coffee roastery is the heart of the company. Here’s what goes on behind the scenes. First, the green coffee beans are carefully selected from farms all over the world, with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. The beans are then roasted in small batches using state-of-the-art roasting machines, which ensures consistency and quality in every batch. The roasting process is an art and science, and the master roasters at 92 Degrees have years of experience in perfecting their craft.

Once the coffee beans are roasted, they are cooled down and packaged into bags for distribution. The packaging process is also done with care, as the bags are designed to preserve the freshness and flavor of the coffee for as long as possible. The bags are then labeled with the origin, roast date, and other important information, so customers can learn more about the coffee they are enjoying.

Finally, the coffee is shipped out to 92 Degrees cafes and retail partners, where it is served to customers or sold on shelves. The coffee roastery is a busy and exciting place, with a team of passionate coffee lovers working hard to bring the best possible coffee to customers. Whether you enjoy a rich, dark roast or a light and fruity blend, 92 Degrees has something for everyone, thanks to the careful attention to detail that goes into every step of the roasting process.