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92° Signature Trio

92° Signature Trio

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Our three bestselling coffees in one package.

Hope Street Espresso – 150g

Our original espresso derives its name from the street where our first ever coffee shop is located – meet Hope Street Espresso. When enjoying a cup of Hope Street Espresso coffee, you can expect a cup full of dark berries and salted caramel notes, underpinned by a rich dark chocolate foundation. Bright and lively on its own, moreish with milk.

California Calling – 150g

Considered by many as sunshine in a cup, our California Calling coffee is bursting with bright and fruity flavours, with gentle dark chocolate notes coming through on the finish. Perfect as a filter, either on a batch brew or as a pourover.

Swiss Water Decaf – 150g

Whoever said decaf coffee didn’t taste awesome had clearly never tried our Swiss Water Decaf. Thanks to a lot of science, osmosis and filtering-through-live-charcoal-stuff, you can now enjoy a tasty decaf coffee. Swiss Water Decaf is a tasty and caffeine-free coffee option, made with zero solvents or chemicals.

Perfect as a gift, this is the best introduction to our coffee yet.

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