About 92°

On the corner of Hope St & Hardman St in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, roasting in a “tiny” space behind the bar of our coffee shop using a 2.5kg Diedrich. We quickly outgrew this space (and the 2.5kg capacity of our roaster.)

We found a new home in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool’s digital and creative hub. With this new home, we had an amazing opportunity to upscale our roaster. We started using a 6kg Giesen. Our whole roastery trebled in size during the course of one day, it was awesome.

We have turned full circle and returned to 24 Hardman Street, this time setting up a combined roastery and HQ in a unit behind our original shop. We continue to use the same small-batch, hand production methods when roasting our coffee to ensure both consistency & quality.

Awesome tasting, freshly roasted and perfectly extracted coffee. We choose our coffee with social & environmental sustainability in mind, and will always do our best to bring focus to the people that produce the coffee that finds its way to your cup.

Extraction - /ɪkˈstrakʃ(ə)n,ɛkˈstrakʃ(ə)n/ Noun
1. The action of extracting something, especially using effort or force.
2. Barista speak for turning water into coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

92°Celsius is the perfect temperature for extracting awesome espresso with great body and flavour, we love it so much we literally named ourselves after it!

Great question. We would likely have a different answer at different times of the day, starting with an espresso kick and ending with a relaxed pour-over, maybe go crazy on a Sunday and use a syphon. :o Have a look at our handy brew guides and see what takes your fancy.

Sometimes we forget that taste is such a delightfully individual thing. For instance when a new green coffee comes into the roastery, we roast, grind and taste it, some coffees can be awesome to one person and “meh” to another, basically coffee is like marmite. We think the best way to foolproof your exploration of coffee is with our quiz, tell us a bit about what you like and we’ll point you in the right direction.

You can find us in Liverpool, Southport, Leeds & Manchester. We have three stores spread over Liverpool, in its cultural, digital & educational quarters. A store in the historic martins bank on Lord St, Southport. The newest additions to the 92º family are on Claypit Lane in Leeds and John Dalton Street in Manchester! If you think your home needs a 92º drop us an email… #WatchThisSpace