Project Waterfall & the Clean Water Crisis

Project Waterfall & the Clean Water Crisis

Today, 785 million people, the majority of whom live in coffee-growing communities, don't have access to basic drinking water provisions or appropriate sanitation. 

The water crisis today is one of the single biggest killers of this age, with it least 3.5 million people dying from water-born diseases each year. The majority or these deaths are in children. According to the World Health Organisation, 22% of healthcare centres don't have access to clean water, and 21% lack adequate services for waste removal and sanitation - in these communities, there is simply no escaping the deadly connotations of unsafe drinking water. 

Project Waterfall is devoted to providing long-term solutions to this issue in coffee-growing communities, and by supporting coffee businesses that help Project Waterfall, you are directly putting money back where it is needed most. 

Project Waterfall provides safe drinking water in a number of ways, from the digging of new wells to the installation of filters and purification systems that clean water ready for drinking. The effects of this are life-changing, with better facilities improving the likelihood that women and children can engage more with their communities through education and work. 

Since July 2019, 92 Degrees has been supporting the amazing work that Project Waterfall does by donating 10% of all sales of retail coffee to the charity. That means that every time you buy a bag of coffee, a portion of that money goes straight back to the community that it came from.

On average it costs £25 to provide someone with clean and safe water for life, and we can't wait to see how many lives you can change. 

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