Did someone say London Coffee Festival?

Did someone say London Coffee Festival?

London Coffee Festival is returning for its 10th anniversary running from the 23rd - 26th of September. This event honours London's fantastic coffee scene by bringing together people from all over the world to share a common love of coffee! We’re heading to the London Coffee Festival on September 24th and couldn’t be more excited. 

Over the last few months we have grown so much, opening sites in Manchester and Leeds, moving into our new HQ and moving closer and closer to becoming a fully sustainable coffee company and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. This is why we are attending the London Coffee Festival, this will bring forward so many amazing opportunities and will allow our team to network with others who have a passion for everything coffee.

One of these opportunities is being able to learn and share more about becoming a more sustainable company in the coffee industry by gathering information on what other companies are doing and being able to share our ideas with others. Another opportunity is being able to support Project Waterfall as 25% of all ticket sales are going to be donated to help provide clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities.

We are all very excited to see that Löfbergs have created an interactive, multi-sensory experience to allow visitors a 360° perspective of their sustainable approach to coffee. As a brand also making changes towards sustainability, this will definitely be a highlight for us. Recently we have made some more sustainable changes by using eLink courier service, using DPD local to ship orders (their packaging is made from 80% reclaimed materials and is 100% recyclable) and we have also removed all paper loyalty cards and moved them over to our app!

The London Coffee Festival also treats our team to a trip to London. There’s many advantages to this, including the opportunity to explore the capital and everything it has to offer.. We want our crew to be exposed to as many different networking opportunities, as well as having the chance to draw inspiration from others.

Make sure that if you see us there to come over and introduce yourself, we always love speaking to people who are as enthusiastic about coffee as we are!

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