Every Coffee Counts

Every Coffee Counts

Supporting UK coffee week

Today kicks off UK coffee week...

Since 2016, we have worked with Project Waterfall to support their charity, and we’re happy to continue this support during UK Coffee Week.

UK Coffee Week was started by our friends over at Project Waterfall as they aim to end the water crisis. Today, there are still 785 million people around the world who don’t have access to clean water and they all live in areas that grow coffee.

We have always focused on the journey of our coffee, from cherry to cup, and we understand that there needs to be support for those growing our awesome coffee.

How have we helped?

We previously supported Project Waterfall through UK Coffee Week before forming our partnership with them. Through this, we have been able to guarantee 237 people access to clean water and sanitation for life!

10% of all our bagged coffee sales goes straight to Project Waterfall and recently, we decided to take this one step further. 

We have now introduced Invisible Beans across all stores! Now, when you make an order in-store, you can add Invisible Beans to your order which will add a donation of your choice. This will go straight to Project Waterfall to continue supporting their efforts. You can choose how much to donate, whether it be a handful of beans or a bucket of beans!

How can I help?

If you pop into our stores between October 18th and 24th 2021 and ask to add invisible beans to your order, our Caffeine Dealers will add your contribution which will go straight to Project Waterfall.


To find out more about UK Coffee Week, just click here.

If you take a picture of your life-changing coffee this week, tag us so we can share!


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