Celebrating the women of 92 Degrees

Celebrating the women of 92 Degrees

This platform is for projecting the voices of every individual at 92 Degrees and today is no different. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re here to amplify what the women of 92 Degrees want to share. 

Our company is lucky to have so many talented, incredible women throughout and we’re here to showcase their voices. So without further ado, meet the female forces of 92 Degrees…


Cerys Roberts - Head of Finance

“I am by no means your typical woman”

I am by no means your typical woman. I have a hard and tough shell from childhood trauma and bad relationships. I am strong, outgoing, independent and stubborn. If you cross me you are dead to me. This makes me a little bit like marmite..you either love me or you hate me. 

However, once you get through this shell I am soft, caring and boy do I have my emotional episodes?!?!

To me being a woman does not mean you have to be the weaker, emotionally messy and powerless sex.  In fact, women can take more pain than a man, women have been known to lift cars to save loved ones in exceptional unforeseen circumstances and we are better at multi-tasking and getting jobs done. 

The patriarchy painted a picture hundreds of years ago, this is now dated and no longer stands.  Now is the time for women to strive for greatness and break those bonds placed on us in the past. 

We are equal, all people are equal! 

Olivia Murphy - Head of Marketing

“Building up, not tearing down”

Throughout most of my working life, I’ve worked with many women who are incredibly talented and skilled at what they do. Sadly, I’ve also worked with women who look to tear other women down, almost as though we’re in competition with each other.

Working for 92 Degrees is the first time in my life that I’ve truly felt like the women around me help me become the best version of myself and want everyone to succeed. 

We pick up each other's crowns when they tilt and that is one of my favourite things about working for 92 Degrees.

Katy Mills - Finance Assistant 

“We are one”

I am lucky enough that my birthday falls on IWD. I say lucky because it’s how I feel on this day more than others. 

It’s a day of reflection for me as I am reminded of all the incredibly strong and powerful women I am surrounded by and inspired by every single day. Whether I’ve known them forever or I’ve never known them, I am proud to be among them. Believing in them helps me to believe in myself.

Julia Auchey - Head of Brand

“You are you and that is perfect”

Everyone woman has something so powerful and unique to contribute to this world yet society manipulates us to feel inadequate. To be more this and less that which is slowly morphing us all into the same type of woman. Can you imagine if we all looked, acted, sounded, and were the same? How boring!

So please continue being exactly who you are at this very moment.

You are you and that is perfect. 

Emma Goakes - Head of Stores

“Small but mighty”

During over 13 years in the hospitality industry, I have been blessed to work with some of the most amazing women in the business.

In a previous job, I got to experience the power of an all-female management team, and we were truly a force to be reckoned with. Not only recognised for their incredible work ethic and finesse, but these women have also become treasured friends of mine who have inspired me and supported me greatly throughout my career and personal life. We even became like a family unit, with me naturally taking on the typical mother role, both on and off duty. I have had the honour of being there for them as we have moved onto different roles, watching them grow and learn as I do the same. 

Despite being a pocket-sized woman (I stand high and mighty at 4ft 9 ¾, and yes, the ¾ matters), and facing many challenges in my various roles (least of all being the top shelf), I have always been proud to be a strong female figure in this industry and will continue to be. 

I know from my experiences that working with other women helps us all bring something special to one another, and 92 Degrees is no exception to that celebration.

Like all women, the incredible females at 92 Degrees have faced adversity and challenges but they all come together and help create the awesome things that are happening at 92 Degrees.

We’re proud of our ladies of 92 Degrees this International Women’s Day!

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