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Capucas Cooperative


Capucas Cooperative

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Tasting Notes: Cacao, Smokey Tannins, Lime Zest

Roast: Medium-Light

Grown In: Honduras

Awesome For: AeroPress & Filter


*We are in the process of making our packaging even more awesome and planet friendly, so the bag you receive may look slightly different to the one in the image. Don’t worry the coffee inside will still knock your socks off! 


Made from the ripest coffee beans harvested from the highest peak of the Celaque mountain in the Capacus region of Honduras, this blend is playfully aromatic and fragrant. The coffee beans are washed and dried in the region's largest solar dryer for the highest-quality taste. Enjoy a bright and zesty coffee with lime acidity, delicately infused with a rich foundation of smokey cacao. 

Changing the world from bean to cup

We are committed to using cooperatives, community farming projects and small family producers to make our coffee. This coffee is harvested by the amazing Capucas Co-operative Initiative and is named after the community where it began. Capucas Co-operative was founded by coffee farmers who wanted to grow good coffee and improve the quality of life for people in Capucas.

It's respected for its commitment to fair trade and positive impact on the Capucas region through health, education, and social initiatives. They support farmers, their families, and their wider community. The cooperative has many initiatives to improve the lives of workers and the local community, for example; they pay for a GP to treat workers for free in their health centre. In 2016 Capucas partnered with the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) to offer university education to its members. They have a football academy and a virtual library to be enjoyed by members, children and partners of Capucas Cooperative.

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