Our Promise To The Local Community

92 was founded to serve the community. Simple as. The goal from day one has been to serve the best coffee possible to the people of Liverpool, and while lots of things have branched out from that, our primary objective hasn’t changed.
However, 92 has grown into something more than just its core product. 92 has become the centre of its own community - a melting pot for people from all walks of life, where artists, musicians, book-lovers, entrepreneurs, students, families, and just about everyone else come together over one thing - great coffee. 
In our four spaces, we regularly host events featuring live music, drama and poetry, and are proud to provide a free space for up and coming artists to display their work for a month at a time, often for the first time in public.
We are incredibly happy to be a little part of the daily routine for so many people, from so many different walks of life. 
Interested in hosting an event in a 92 venue? Email Jack.birkett@92degrees.coffee