Moka Pot

To make yourself an awesome brew with a
Moka Pot
we recommend using:
Your favorite 92 Degrees coffee
Moka Pot
Good set of scales
Ideally a long neck kettle or a jug with a narrow spout
Our recipe
For a 2-cup moka pot, we recommend 20-22g of coffee, ground tightly for espresso.
1) Fill the lower chamber of the moka pot with water
Water should be freshly off the boil.
2) Tip the coffee grinds into the basket
Shake to settle the grinds so they are level in the basket.
3) Put the moka pot back together
Be extra careful as lower chamber will be particularly hot.
4) Place the moka pot onto a medium heat and wait for the espresso to start boiling up into the upper chamber
If your heat is too high, the espresso will shoot up quickly, creating a weak espresso. If it is too low, the espresso will slowly gurgle up and the grinds will spend too long in contact with the water, causing over-extraction.
The last and most important step
Sit down, Drink awesome coffee. Maybe instagram it...