To make yourself an awesome brew with a
Drip Filter

We recommend using:


Your favourite 92 Degrees coffee

Tiamo dripper (and filters)*

Tiamo pour-over kettle

Good set of scales

Cup or jug to hold your coffee

Ideally a long neck kettle or a jug with a narrow spout


Our recipe

We use a 1:13.2 ratio to brew (seems confusing but tastes great): 

25g** of ground coffee to 330ml of liquid

Assemble your apparatus
Place your cup/jug on the scales; dripper is placed on cup/jug; filter goes in dripper.

Pour some water onto the filter paper before adding the coffee, and then pour this water away,
doing this will remove the papery taste and heat through the apparatus

Measure out 25g** of coffee; add this to the filter
Press down and flatten the coffee in the filter and remember to zero the scales

Use coarsely ground coffee (about the texture of sand)

Measure out 330ml of water and heat

Water to be 92°. So if you are using an electric kettle, let the water cool for a minute after boiling.

Pour the water over the coffee

Do this slooooowly… 

Start pouring the water in a concentric circle pattern. The first pour is to soak the grounds. After a couple of circles, pause; at this stage, you will see a small volcano-like prominence in the centre of the grounds (this is the residual CO2 escaping, referred to as a ‘bloom’)

Then, resume pouring in a circle pattern. The aim is to have filled the cup/jug with 330g of water (as weighed by the scales) in 2.5 minutes.

The last and most important step
Sit down, Drink awesome coffee. Maybe instagram it...

* You can totally use a V60, we just prefer the kalita for a more uniform extraction

(this is barista speak for turning boring water into awesome coffee)

** 10g is one heaped tablespoon