To make yourself an awesome brew with a
Cafetière / French press

 We recommend using:

Your favourite 92 Degrees coffee

Cafetière / French press 

Good set of scales

Your best loved mug, warmed

Our recipe
We use a 1:10 ratio to brew: 30g* of ground coffee to 300ml of liquid

Measure out 30g* of coffee; add to the French press

Use coarsely ground coffee (coarser than the texture of sand)

Measure out 300ml of water and heat

Water to be 92°. So if you are using an electric kettle, let the water cool for a minute after boiling.

Pour the water over the coffee

Do this slooooowly… 

Mix the coffee grounds and water gently

Then put the top of the press in position, but DO NOT plunge.

Wait three minutes for the coffee to brew…
(maybe take up cross-stitch or learn the guitar during this time) 

Then the most exciting step….

Firmly push down the plunger

Pour into your warmed cup and drink awesome coffee. Maybe instagram it...

*10g is one heaped tablespoon