Make yourself an awesome brew with an



We recommend using:

Aeropress body in 3 parts – filter cap, chamber, plunger
Aeropress scoop and plunger
Coffee, ground medium fine (ask your barista!)
Scales (optional)


Our recipe:

We use 15g of ground coffee to 250ml of water, for a filter-like brew.

The beauty of Aeropress is that everything you’ll need (aside from your favourite 92˚ coffee) comes in the box, including a years’ worth of filters. Scales are an optional for extra precision, but the coffee scoop and chamber are designed to mean that precise measurements aren’t necessary.


1) Insert a filter paper into the filter cap and screw into the chamber.

Place over your cup of choice and use a generous amount of boiling water to rinse the paper and warm your cup. Tip this water away.

2) Measure out ~15g of ground coffee.

If you’re not using scales, this is a full, levelled scoop. Tip into the chamber and tap to level.

3) Set your timer going and steadily pour water until the chamber is full

(or at 250g, if weighing). Grab your paddle and stir three times, using straight rather than circular motions (think of it like drawing a 5-pointed star). Using a rolling circular motion, insert the plunger into the chamber to create a seal. This entire step should take ~10 seconds – be quick!

4) At the 1 minute mark, remove the plunger and stir again.

5) Replace the plunger and steadily press down until all the liquid has been pushed through

(if you hear a hiss – STOP!). This should take ~30 seconds.

6) Allow a couple of seconds for the last of the coffee to drip.

Unscrew filter cap over your (compost!) bin and press the plunger through to remove the coffee. Rinse the Aeropress body immediately after use. Either pat dry and reassemble, or leave to air dry with chamber and plunger locked together, so as not to warp the rubber and maintain a good seal.

7) Use the paddle to give one last stir, then drink and enjoy!

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Top tips:

This whole process is so quick that it might take a few attempts for you to perfect it.
Over-stirring, not making a proper seal, plunging too fast, or too slow, could all affect the extraction
and taste of your coffee, don’t panic and keep trying. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it - muscle
memory is a wonderful thing!