365 Lord Street - Southport

365 Lord Street was an exciting and important step for 92 Degrees. It was our first venture outside of Liverpool City Centre, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. 

Southport is an amazing place. We were blown away by the community spirit here, and were incredibly keen to fit in and contribute to this. The space we chose, Martin's Bank, is the site of a 1930's high-street bank, and is graced with stunning original features such as a marble exterior, full-height windows, a stunning circular door and elaborate plaster cornices and arches. 

The exquisite features of this space are reflected by the quality of the products and service that we provide. We were very eager to adapt all aspects of our brand and service to the people of Southport, and the resulting space is one of tranquility, quality and accessibility into the coffee world. 


Opening Times:

Monday - 10.00 - 16:00

Tuesday - 10.00 - 16:00

Wednesday - 10.00 - 16:00

Thursday - 10.00 - 16:00

Friday - 10.00 - 16:00

Saturday - 10.00 - 16:00

Sunday - 10.00 - 16:00