Las Palomas - Natural

Las Palomas - Natural

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Las Palomas, translating as Pigeons and subsequently named after the bird life that can found in the area, is a family farm in the Tarbaca District of the Canton Aserri, Costa Rica. It spans six hectares and produces roughly 11.5 tonnes of coffee (or 250x 46kg fanegas) annually. 


Cherries from this lot were processed at the mill on the same day as picking, and then transferred to drying patios where they sun-dry for 7 days. The cherries are turned regularly to avoid fermentation, and and regularly sorted as they dry to ensure superior quality.


The resulting coffee holds a syrupy, well-rounded sweetness that is subtle at first, but lingers on the palette and impresses more and more with every syrup. 


Las Palomas employs two full time workers and 25 extra workers during harvest season, and operates within the Association of Agricultural Producers of Acosta and Asseri (ASOPROAAA).


ASOPROAAA covers over 1150 members, and was set up to revive agricultural production after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Since its founding, it has been responsible for continued financial, commercial and technical support to its members, and pioneered an initiative to build over 2000 houses for people in the area with limited resources. 

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